About Us

We’re Caroline and Jon, and have been That Class Couple since well before we decided to blog about our adventures in the New York City fitness world. Specifically, when you’re called out by a spin instructor for a pre-class kiss with a “aww…couples who sweat together stay together!”,  you are That Class Couple.

For us, an average weeknight starts with a “tell me the deets” about the class each of us just took, and ends with strategically cruising ClassPass in the hopes of upgrading tomorrow’s class option. When we’re not working or exercising, we are generally cooking, eating, or talking about food, planning getaways from the city, listening to music, watching baseball (let’s go Mets!), or reading, you know, when there’s time (spoiler alert: there’s never time).

We met in March 2015 (online! yes, it can work!), and started working out together shortly thereafter (Caroline thought Jon asked her out to spin class for date #2, except Jon actually asked Caroline to Spin, the ping pong bar on 23rd St…).

Among our favorite shared fitness activities are weekly long runs around Manhattan and in Central Park and Flywheel, but we’ve tried basically everything together. Caroline tends to prefer pilates, yoga, and barre, while Jon is more of a HIIT/strength training fan.

We woke up one morning and decided to share our musings with the world, and hope you enjoy!

Note: We decided that it would be adorable to write each other’s profiles, below. Aww. 

About Her

Hailing from southwestern Connecticut, Caroline finds herself in New York City by way of Ithaca, New York, where she graduated from Cornell University. Though, as a CPA, she may crunch numbers during the day, Caroline’s favorite crunches are done on a mat, at one of the many studios she frequents. Among her favorite fitness activities are pilates, yoga, barre, and long distance running (four half marathons down, many more to go!).

Outside of the gym, Caroline loves to explore everything that New York City has to offer, and is always on the lookout for reservations at the newest and trendiest restaurants around Manhattan. Caroline’s guilty pleasures are 16 Handles and reality television, especially Survivor and The Bachelor (Ben totally should have picked JoJo…).

Caroline is an avid traveler, and grew up spending summers in her family’s native France and traveling to many other countries over the years. Caroline also has an affinity for the country side of pop music (we’re talking T. Swift and Zac Brown), a love of chicken nuggets, and a deep affection for Bartolo Colon that she has had trouble coming to terms with (note: Bartolo, we are more than happy to take you to bootcamp class with us, you know, if you think the time has come to give it a try…)

Caroline is the best girlfriend, training buddy, and classmate that I could ask for.

About Him

Our man Jon grew up in Connecticut and has been a passionate NY baseball and football fan from birth. Only slight issue is, he tends to pick the losing teams (Mets, Jets–ouch!). But always thinking positively, he stands closely by his team and is determined that one day, the Mets will win the World Series. He has a (slight) obsession with Matt Harvey, and has even considered naming a pet fish Bartolo.

Fitness became a large part of Jon’s life when he went to college (Go GW Colonials!) and focused on getting in shape (aw losing the baby fat- how cuteee!). He is an amazing runner, having completed both the Chicago Marathon and the NYC Marathon (twice, since obviously once just doesn’t cut it). He is currently working towards the 9+1 NYRR goal and balances that with the plethora of ClassPass and boutique studio classes out there in the big city. Jon’s favorite types of class are bootcamps, spin classes, and strength training sessions. He is very open-minded and always willing to try something new (Caroline got him to try yoga, and also Pilates- obviously only because the Mets do yoga and pilates during the offseason 😉 )

Jon is a lawyer by day and after work, when he isn’t pursuing the next, most intense, fitness class out there, Jon can be found at Citi Field watching the Mets, at MSG watching a Bruce Springsteen concert, or at a local bar enjoying craft beer and listening to live music. Jon is an avid traveler, always planning his next big trip- his next trip is to Europe with all his hometown friends to run with the bulls (obviously this will mean a lot of Mile High Run Club between now and then). He is very close to his loving younger brother, mother, and father, who currently reside in Connecticut.

Jon is a very passionate, sweet, and loving boyfriend, and there is no one I would rather hold hands and be ThatClassCouple with.


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