Megaformer! (CST50 Westport Review – 5/8/16)


By Caroline

Sometimes after a pilates reformer class, I feel like I didn’t really break a sweat. Now I know, pilates is a “different type” of exercise and “you don’t have to sweat to get a good workout” but I guess I just love the out-of-breath, sweaty face feeling you get after a good class. Meet CST50, a beautiful hybrid between pilates and strength training with a cardio kick added in. I have heard how amazing (but impossible to get on ClassPass) Brooklyn Bodyburn is and how SLT can change your life (alas, SLT is not currently on ClassPass…maybe one day?!), so I was very excited to get to try CST50, located in Westport, CT. So, during our recent trips home to Connecticut (for reasons ranging from getting ready for our move-in together to family brunch for Mother’s Day), along with getting home-cooked meals, doing suburban life grocery shopping (in Connecticut, we can go to Trader Joe’s and not have to have Jon run around the store while I wait in line!), and getting to do laundry at mommy and daddy’s house (no quarters needed!), CST50 was on the to-do list. And I’d say this has definitely become one of my favorite types of classes.

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ChaiseFitness Review – Cardio Chair – 4/26/16


By Caroline

Being French, I often notice that, in the United States,  giving a relatively mundane thing a French name is often done in an attempt to make it seem fancier, cooler, trendier.

So when I saw a studio named “Chaise Fitness” advertised on Classpass, my first reaction was, “um, ‘Chair Fitness’, a class based around a chair, how……intriguing.”

But hey, That Class Couple likes to give everything a shot, so why not see kind of physical activity can be accomplished on….a chair.

Well, after a day to recover, I can say that this is definitely a workout that is unlike any other.

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I Tried Pilates


By Jon

Kale. The Bachelor. Spin. If my 20-year-old self knew that, in ten years, Future Jon would enjoy such things, it would smack Future Jon in the face.

So, I figured, why not add pilates to that list? I had heard great things about pilates. My goal this winter was to start to strengthen my core, which is generally my goal every winter until I decide that crunches and planks suck, so why not see if pilates would give me that extra boost?  Besides, if it worked for Noah Syndergaard, it must be pretty great.

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