Jon’s First Yoga! (Yoga Vida NYC – 4/9/16)

By Caroline and Jon

Note: We often attend classes together, but from listening to our post-workout conversations, you would hardly know it. We decided that it would be fun to give our readers a “fly on the wall” view of how That Class Couple sweats together. Caroline’s thoughts are bolded; Jon’s are italicized.

“Yeah, I would LOVE to try yoga!” I wish I had a tape recorder for that one. The best seven words that came out of Jon’s mouth this past week. I’m a huge hot yoga fan (well, really, just like the heat in general- I could sleep in 100 degrees with no problem), however Jon’s one rule was this trial yoga class could not be heated. Fine, I’ll take it. After doing research to find the perfect beginners class that is easy enough so that he wouldn’t be bored out of his mind, but challenging enough that he’d break a sweat and consider incorporating yoga into his usual routine, and interesting enough so he’d be maybe hooked, I decided we’d go to the Live Music Flow at Yoga Vida NYC.

I said that? Oops. Must have been the wine. Anyway, I’ve been intrigued by yoga for a while now–my inflexible self needs to be whipped into shape–so when Caroline reminded me that these words came out of my mouth, I didn’t argue…too much. It’s not that I didn’t want to try yoga, it’s more that yoga to me was this intimidating thing that was only accessible to those in The Club. Caroline reassured me that I would love it, but she said that once about shopping at Sephora, so you’ll excuse me for being a bit skeptical.

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Modo Yoga Review – Modo – 4/5/16


By Caroline

Having heard that this studio is the “Hamilton of Hot Yoga”, I felt like my visit to Modo Yoga was long overdue. I reserved the 7:30pm class exactly at noon the week before via Classpass (for the coveted right-after-work classes, set that Classpass sign-up alarm!). As I walked into Modo, I was eagerly greeted by the receptionist who I wanted to instantly become my new BFF. He gave me a quick run-down of the studio, locker rooms, class that I am taking, and because it was my first time at the studio, offered me a complimentary mat and grippy mat towel rental. Because I go through the hot yoga routine once every week or so, I was already prepared with my own mat and towel, but still opted to use their cute and brand new looking Modo towel (because come on, who would say no to one less sweaty towel in the laundry?). I was very impressed with the large space and all the amenities at the studio. Filtered water, hot tea, and an assortment of cute yoga clothes for sale filled the large reception room. I made my way to the women’s locker room and was SHOCKED to see that the lockers had electronic code pads. I have been to many, many yoga studios and have never seen this- very impressed! The locker room was very spacious with plenty of lockers to go around, had 4 bathrooms and 4 showers, and had all the little amenities you would be expect at a high end studio (also shout out for the Mrs. Meyers soap- my absolute fav!).

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